About Us

Who are we?

Leeds Elementary School is a wonderful, eclectic mix of students, teachers and staff who strive daily to create an optimal environment for learning. With efforts focused upon the Responsive Classroom approach to create climate, culture and values, we are building a kind and caring citizenry intertwined with the clear understand that we must maintain high standards and expectations for academics. The Responsive Classroom approach is a way of teaching that emphasizes social, emotional, and academic growth in a strong and safe community. Students are recognized for positive actions through our “Bee” program which is rooted in being respectful and recognizes positive or contributory deeds with a symbolic bumble bee eraser. Community Meetings are held monthly with each one being hosted by a different grade level. This approach has produced marked results as our accountability data showed vast improvement across grade levels, subject matter and in our subgroups resulting in a Level 2 status as measured by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and promises to have even more gains moving forward. Family involvement, enrichment activities, community partnerships, a commitment to increased technology and most importantly a committed and dedicated staff all mesh to create a vibrant, child-centered elementary school.

How Are We Organized? 

Leeds is currently organized with two sections of Pre-School, two sections of Kindergarten, two first grade classes and three sections of grades 2-5. Students participate in Art, Music, and Library once a week and Physical Education Twice a week. The student body is serviced by a full time Nurse, one full time Adjustment Counselor, a full time Tiered Support Specialist, 3.5 Special Educators, shared Occupational and Physical therapists, as well as a Technical Integration Specialist, a 0.8 school psychologist and and a 0.8 Speech and Language Pathologist. In an effort to increase academic support we currently have full time Reading and Math specialist who concentrate their efforts in early intervention. At present, Leeds has 9 full time Education Support Professionals. Two are assigned to Kindergarten, three are assigned to Resource Rooms, three  work in 1:1 situations with students of varying need, while one works part time in the school library. Administration consists of the Principal, a full time Administrative Assistant and a 0.8 School Secretary. The building is staffed by three custodians, one during the day and two at night. Three cafeteria staff handle the lunch program and three cafeteria and recess assistants provide additional support during lunch and recess.
In addition to the Leeds students and staff, The Clarke School for the Deaf is housed at Leeds, which includes approximately twenty students and a fluctuating staff of fifteen. They are a separate program but the students are integrated for art, music, PE, library and some science classes.

Leed School Facts
  • Daily Start Time: 8:40 - Playground until 8:50 classroom teacher will greet children
  • Bus Schedule - Joy Winnie (413) 587-1337
  • WALKER Procedures: Before School/After School Dismissal
    • Drop off is at 8:40 and Door is closed by 8:50 (start of school)
    • 3:00 pm is afternoon dismissal
    • Students that will be dropped off or picked up daily from school will be dismissed at the upper loop. Please stay in you car and our staff will greet/deliver you child/children
  • BUS Dismissal Procedures:
    • Students that will ride the bus will line up by bus in the front of the building at 3:00 pm
  • LateBird/EarlyBird:
    • Students can arrive to school as early as 7:15 am and can stay at late as 5:00 pm. The program is supervised by Leeds School staff and the cost is $8.00 per session. Students will meet in the cafeteria for both programs. We do offer a reduced fee for families that qualify. Mr. Canata will review all requests. Mrs. Ryan is the Coordinator and can be reached at (413) 587-1530. Mr. Canata is also available for questions.
  • LEAP:
    • We are always seeking instructors and proposals for classes; please contact Mr. Canata if you are interested in offering a course. The LEAP program is the after school enrichment program and will start in September as well. Information will come home so please check your child’s back-back. This program is open to all students and again Mr. Canata will review all scholarship requests. Mrs. Cox is the Coordinator and can be reached at (413) 587-1530.
  • Lunch:
    • Hot lunch is served daily: $2.75 for full price lunch, $.40 for reduced and also free. 
    • Students have a 40 minute combined lunch and recess daily. Please complete all Free and Reduced Lunch information as soon as possible and return to your child’s classroom teacher.
  • Schedules:
    • Classroom teachers will send home student schedules. Art and Music are once a week and Physical Education is twice per week. Please make sure students wear appropriate shoes.
  • Nurse: Emily Brackins
    • Any questions or concerns please contact Mrs. McCarthy at 587-1544
  • Change of Dismissal plans:
    • Please send a note to the office with any change of after school plans
  • Please do not hesitate to contact the main office with questions or concerns
    • Sharon DeWitt (413) 587-1530
    • Julie Clark (413) 587-1540
  • Please remember to contact the office if your child will be out of school for any reason.