NHS 9th-Grade Health Screenings

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Starting May 16th and into June we will be conducting our annual health screening of 9th graders.Screenings included are: postural, vision, hearing, height, weight and SBIRT
Screening Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (a behavioral health and substance use prevention screening).
  • For the postural screening a view of the spine is needed and the student is asked to take off his/her shirt. Girls may wear a bathing suit top or a sports bra as they have done in previous years. 
  • For height and weight students remove their shoes for accurate measurement. 
  •  For the vision screening students who wear glasses should bring them. 
  •  For the SBIRT screening students will complete a quick paper survey about alcohol, marijuana and other drug use and review the information with the school nurse. To help with the prevention of substance use or to intervene with early use, NHS nursing staff utilizes the CRAFFT Screening Interview. The CRAFFT is a behavioral health screening tool designed for children under the age of 21 and is the most commonly used behavioral screening tool used in Massachusetts.  Students who are not using substances will have their healthy choices reinforced. The screener will provide brief counseling to any student who reports using substances, or is at risk for future substance use, and will refer the student to another provider for evaluation and contact parents as needed. Although what your child discusses with the screener is confidential, we will inform you if your student’s health or safety is at risk. For more information about substance use prevention follow this link: http://www.northampton-k12.us/safe-schools/substance-abuse-programs

All screenings are conducted in a private space in the nurse’s office and are quick, taking about 10 minutes. They are not diagnostic but may alert us to a problem. If you do not hear anything from the school nurse you can assume all findings for postural, vision and hearing screening are within normal limits, if not we will send you information and a referral to your primary care provider. 

These health screenings are mandated by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health for school age children. If you have any questions, or would prefer your primary care provider to screen your student, call the nurse’s office at 587-1360 or email at ehirschberg@northampton-k12.us. Additionally, the substance use screening is OPTIONAL, and either parents or students may opt out by notifying the school nurse.
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