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Naviance/Family Connection is a web-based college research and career planning program designed for high school students, parents, teachers, and school counselors. The website manages individual students through the entire college planning, application and decision-making process. Our students will be able to search for scholarships, explore careers, take interest inventories, and investigate their learning styles. They can review academic and admission data for colleges across the United States and also gauge their chances of acceptance by comparing personal GPA/ACT/SAT statistics with those of recent successful applicants.

  • Help students establish meaningful post-secondary goals and connect those goals with their coursework and college planning activities.
  • Increase communication with parents around important decisions such as course planning, college admissions and post-secondary planning.
  • Encourage students to pursue more rigorous coursework by combining academic data with information about student college and career interests.
  • Provide more support, encouragement and guidance to students with a variety of communication tools that help students stay motivated.
  • Allow students create tangible, action-oriented and truly personalized plans that support their college, career and community goals.
  • Analyze college admissions and success data to gain insights that our school and district can use to improve guidance for students and parents.
  • Measure student progress against a variety of critical college readiness milestones and reach out to students that are falling off track.
  • Increase awareness of the college admissions process, connect career goals to college options and ensure every student has a tangible college plan.
  • Use a variety of college readiness indicators to identify students that are at-risk and target special activities or information to get them back on track.
  • Track college success outcomes for our alumni and maintain communication with alumni to gather valuable feedback on the results of our programs.
  • Target, implement and monitor specific college readiness interventions with Naviance’s unique student planner and tracking system.
  • Reduce costs and anxiety associated with ensuring all deadlines are met and supporting materials are sent on time with Naviance eDocs.