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Northampton High School uses a long block schedule consisting of four 85-minute periods per day in a 2-semester format.  Students take 4 classes per semester.  With few exceptions, all classes are one semester in length.  Some AP classes are two-semester courses.

Students submit course requests in early March for the following school year.  Course requests are entered in the computer database system; administration then formulates the master schedule for the following year, and the system scheduler creates a schedule for each student.  This process takes several weeks.  Students for whom the system scheduler is not able to create a full schedule will be called by their guidance counselors, who will then manually create that student’s schedule.  Students receive their schedules in the mail in mid-August.

At the start of each semester, there is a 3 to 4-day Add/Drop Period during which students who have concerns about their schedules may meet with their guidance counselor to discuss changes.  Changes to schedules are not made based on teacher preference.  Please see the NHS course catalogue for more information about scheduling.

Smith College Courses: qualified juniors and seniors may request permission to take courses at Smith College.  Students must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.4, and must follow a request and registration procedure according to NHS and Smith College guidelines.  Please see the NHS Course Catalogue for further details on this program.

Dual Enrollment: qualified juniors and seniors may apply to take courses at area community colleges.  Students should talk with their guidance counselor if they are interested in this option.