School Staff

          Kindergarten Grade 1

Andrea Egitto
Michelle Smiarowski
Cindy Maggio
Diana Ramsden

            Grade 2 Grade 3
Katie Pefaur
Rebecca Benigno
Cindy Berry
Paula Cleary

                             Grade 4 Grade 5

Ann Desmond
Sara Simmons
 Michele Andrews

Travis Yagodzinski

Support - Resource Rooms

Lisa Lebeau
Santha Parke
Michelle Walden

Sandy Alton
Pamela Parker
Title I

Mary Beth O'Connor
Beth Brady

Special Subject Areas

Leslie Macutkiewicz
Rebecca Minton
Physical Education
Kim O'Connell

Ted McCoy

Support Personnel

Kate Burt
Occupational Therapist
Sara Harvey
Physical Therapist
Maggie Burbine
Speech Therapist

Emily Fialky
Bilingual Psychologist
Bill Owen
School Adjustment Counselor
Rachel Ellis

Andrea Marks
Technology Integration Specialist
Greg Kerstetter
Student Support Specialist

Classified Staff

Alison Gleason
Lisa Safron
School Nurse
Tom Barnes
Head Custodian
Sharon Matrishon, Administrative Assistant (left) and Cheryl Michon, School Secretary

Our Educational Support Professionals (ESPs) do a great deal every day to keep our students safe and happy. They educate and assist in classrooms, on the playground, and in the cafeteria. They are invaluable to our school community with their steady loving support, teamwork, and flexibility.

From Left to Right: Michelle Medina (GOALS), Val Tompkins (Kindergarten), Alison Gleason (Library), Andrea Yurko (GOALS), Lindsay Whittier-Liu (GOALS), Julie Ellingboe (GOALS), Jacob Last (Classroom Support), Chris St. George (Classroom Support), Zachary Novak (Special Education), Anna Samolewicz (Special Education), Kate Braidman (Kindergarten), Kathryn Rapacki (GOALS), Patty Tosswill (Special Education), Maggie LaRoche (GOALS), and Sara Denno (LPN/ESP)

Classified Staff

Jim Maguire, Abel Millet  - Custodians
Carolyn Gazzillo - Cafeteria