School Bus Facts


In order for school bus drivers to safely load and unload students, they must recognize that there is an area around a stopped school bus that is very dangerous. This is the area near the bus where the bus driver might not see students or where cars might be moving when student riders are getting on and off the school bus. Bus drivers must ensure proper execution of procedures any time students are loading or unloading. Additionally, it is essential that bus drivers use both direct vision and properly adjusted mirrors to see students in the DANGER ZONE.



The DANGER ZONE is: The TWELVE FOOT area that surrounds a stopped school bus. Especially the most dangerous areas which are around the left and right front tires, the front door and the right rear tires where it is difficult for the bus driver to see students with their direct vision. These areas are where the school bus poses a great threat to students riders. Additionally, students are at risk to passing motorists on both the left and right sides of the stopped school bus.


High Priority Safe Student Behaviors in the DANGER ZONE

When in or near the DANGER ZONE, students should:


Stay away from the dangerous areas where it is difficult for the bus driver to see them with their direct vision.

Near the right and left front tires

Near the right rear tires

Near the front door

Make sure they are always able to see the driver when outside the school bus.


NEVER return to the bus for something left behind or dropped without getting the bus driver’s attention.

Leave any object and move to a point, out of the Danger Zone.


Then get the driver’s attention by putting hands and arms above their head and waving.


Wait for the driver to see them and give instructions before returning to the bus or before picking up anything dropped near the bus. If they do not get the driver’s attention, they should not attempt to retrieve the item.


Be aware of the danger of passing cars that do not stop like they should.

The danger may be from cars passing from the rear on the left side of the bus.

Or from cars passing from all directions on both the left and right side of the bus.


Always be alert and focused when in the DANGER ZONE

School Committee policies concerning student transportation can be found at the following link:

School Committee Policies

  Section E - Support Services  Go to PDF
EEAA Student Transportation Services.pdf

Our present school bus contractor - Durham School Services can be reached at 413-529-1131 they are located at 77 Ferry Street Easthampton, MA

Our present Van Company is Van Pool Transportation and they can be reached at 1-888-826-4666 toll free

 Rules for School Bus Safety


  • Wear bright clothes so the bus/ van driver can easily see you
  • Line up quickly at the bus stop, without pushing or shoving
  • Stay away from the curb or road until the bus driver stops and signals it's safe to get on
  • Stay out of the School Bus Danger Zone - that's the area 10 feet around the bus / van on all sides
  • Use the handrails to get on and off the bus
  • Always listen to your drivers instructions, sit quietly in your seat and use your indoor voice
  • Keep aisles clear and put your belongings on your lap sitting completely in the seat.
  • Never take out pens or pencils to do your home work 
  • Eating or drinking on the buses or vans is not allowed do to choking hazards and allergies of students
  • Never throw anything inside the bus/ van or out the windows
  • Don't stick your head, hands, or legs out the windows
  • If you need to cross the street, do so in front of the bus / van -never behind it-and wait until the bus / van driver sees you and wait until the driver gives the all clear sign before crossing.
  • Never go back to retrieve anything you may have dropped outside of the bus
  • Remember no live animals or objects that can not be kept on your lap can be brought on the bus.  
  • Skate boards and balls must be kept in a bag for transport.  If it they are not in a bag they will not be allowed on the bus.

REMEMBER: School Bus safety depends on all of us!

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